Frequently Asked Questions

What is Capital Style?

A. Capital Style is an upscale women’s magazine that covers fashion, beauty and shopping; local charities and fundraising events; homes and entertaining; in-depth features and profiles of local women; health, fitness, parenting and more.  It is published by the Dispatch Printing Company bi-monthly (6 times a year). The magazine has a circulation of greater than 35,000 copies delivered to select households and additional copies available at events, boutiques, spas and for sale at select bookstores. 

Q. Why do some people receive the magazine for free, without paying for a subscription?

A. When we launched the magazine in 2009, our goal was to generate readership and exposure. We identified key areas and neighborhoods that matched the demographics of the majority of our readers, and treated them to complimentary subscriptions. Currently, we insert complimentary copies of the magazine in the Columbus Dispatch at different times throughout the year. There is no longer a complimentary annual subscription. 

Q. I just received notification that this is my last issue. Why is that?

A. If you are a paid subscriber, it is simply time to pay for another year. If you are one of the lucky few who were receiving complimentary issues of the magazine, your trial subscription has expired.  

Q. How much is a subscription to Capital Style?

A. A one-year subscription is just $12 (6 issues). Two-year subscriptions are $18 and three-year subscriptions are $22.

Q. How can I subscribe to Capital Style?

A. Call 877-688-8009 or cick here to subscribe

Q. If I have a question about my subscription, whom should I contact?

A. Christine Dougal at (614) 461-5225 or

Q. What is the price of a single issue of the magazine?

A. $5.99

Q. Can I purchase an electronic version of the magazine?

A. While this is not available at the present time, we are always researching new opportunities to reach readers. You can visit our website,, for daily updates and the latest coverage of the Columbus fashion scene. 

Q. Where can I purchase a copy of Capital Style?

A.  Capital Style magazine can be found at several central Ohio Barnes & Noble locations and Hills Market locations. Click here to see a list of all locations. 

Q. How can I receive the Capital Style e-newsletter?

A. Every Thursday, we offer Capital Style readers the latest on fashion and shopping, sales, exclusive coupons, weekend events and more. To have Capital Style’s free e-newsletter delivered to your inbox, please sign up here.

Q. Where can I find you on social media?

A. You can find us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter @capstylemag. And please follow us on Instagram at

Q. Can I get a copy of a photo that appeared in the magazine or on the website?

A. Yes. You can order prints from our online photo store. To request that a particular photo be added to the photo store, please email photo editor Tim Johnson at Please note that photo reprints are available for your personal use only; if you would like to license a photo or article for commercial use, please contact Dispatch Magazines' Director of Content Strategy & Operations,  Brian Lindamood at

Q. How do I list my fundraiser or benefit event on the Capital Causes calendar?

A. Capital Causes is the city’s best resource for fundraising events and local charities. To list your event in our calendar, please fill out the online form here.  

Q. I would like a photographer to attend my fundraiser or benefit event. Who should I contact?

A. To ask us to consider sending a photographer to your event, please fill out the request form here. Please note that while we do give consideration to every request, we receive a large number of requests and unfortunately we cannot cover them all.

Q. Would Capital Style be interested in sponsoring my event?

A. You can submit your sponsorship request to Jean Nemeti, Dispatch Magazines Director of Marketing & Strategy at Please note that while we do give consideration to every request, we receive a large number of event sponsorship proposals and unfortunately we cannot participate in every event.

Q. How can I purchase multiple copies of one edition of Capital Style?

A. You should contact Silvana Hildebrandt at 614-469-6214 or via email If you purchase 20 or more copies we offer a discount at a rate of $3.50 per copy.

Q. I would like to advertise my business in Capital Style magazine or online at Who should I contact?

A. Advertising information is available online at You may also discuss your needs and advertising rates by contacting Custom Publishing Sales Manager Deborah Jackson at or 614-469-6136.

Q. Where can I send my comments or questions?

A. We love to hear from our readers. Please send your comments or questions to Dispatch Magazines' Director of Content Strategy & Operations, Brian Lindamood at

Q. Can I get a reprint of an article that appeared in the magazine?

A. Yes. To purchase a particular article from Capital Style, please download and fill out this form

Q. I have a story idea I would like to suggest. Who should I contact?

A. You can contact Assistant Editor Heather Weekley at or 614-461-5290. Please note that while we do give consideration to every request, we receive a large number of story ideas and unfortunately we cannot cover them all.

Revised January 2015