Q&A: Bag Lady Rebecca Minkoff

From the May/June 2014 issue of Capital Style

Let’s call her the bag lady—but not in a frumpy sense. In fact, Rebecca Minkoff is anything but, and her namesake line, which features trendy clothing and accessories, has become one of fashion’s most recognizable brands. The 33-year-old designer, who’s married to actor and director Gavin Bellour, has one son, Luca, and is poised to welcome a daughter. (They have chosen a name they are keeping to themselves for now.) But that didn’t stop her from recently visiting Saks Fifth Avenue at Polaris to promote her new Perry tote. We talked handbags, celebs and what she loves to cook. 

The Morning After Bag was your first handbag. What gave that one its staying power?

I think at the time, there were designer handbags that were completely unaffordable, and it hit at a time when it was a great price point and people were kind of shying away from logo bags and “it bags.” They wanted something that was cool but timeless, and in designing it, that was what I was trying to achieve.

Where do you find inspiration when you design?

I look all over. I look at artists, photographers. I look at museums. I kind of like to know that I never know where I’m going to get it. I don’t have a set method. It’s kind of like something strikes my fancy, and I’ll do a ton of research about it, and that’ll be that.

What three things are always in your purse?

I’m pretty much an interior minimalist, so a ChapStick of some sort, my iPhone and my wallet.

Which celebrity do you most love seeing in your designs?

Gisele [Bündchen] has been spotted in my designs twice recently—once in our Becky jacket and once with a Morning After Bag. That’s been really exciting, because to me, she’s an incredible role model. She’s a mother; she’s perfect. So to have her kind of embrace the brand has been really exciting.

Which spring/summer 2014 trends are you loving?

I love this whole influence of sportswear or athleticism in American sportswear, whether it be mesh or a lot of sheer mixed with a solid. I like that trend a lot. And if I could wear a crop top, I would like that trend, but I can’t. Pregnant or not pregnant, crop tops are not in my future.

When you’re not traveling, I hear you like to cook. What’s your favorite meal to make at home?

That’s tough. I always love making a really great salad. I always make a fresh salad dressing and put a lot of things in it so it could be a meal. I just cooked some spaghetti Bolognese with quinoa pasta and fresh mozzarella. That’s one of my usual meals. I make a chicken broth from scratch, like from the bones. I usually do a hearty chicken soup, especially since it’s been an endless winter. I cook chili. My husband and I realized I’ve just been cooking those three things.

You’re expecting your second child soon. What are you most looking forward to about having two kids?

Well this one’s a girl, so I’m excited to explore what that world is like because I’ve been in boy land, which I love and never thought I would love so much. But just to see what that dynamic is like.