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Tailor Made Success: Gary Jones

From the September/October 2013 issue of Capital Style


When Gary Jones slid on a suit in high school, people noticed him—and he noticed their reaction. “I started to realize really quickly,” he says, “that people sum you up by how you dress.” So after graduation, he began apprenticing with a Los Angeles tailor. Now 33, Jones runs his own custom men’s clothier in Columbus. Jones Select is four years old—not coincidentally the same age as Jones’ son, Gary. Outside of his desire to be innovative, Jones says, his boy is the reason for the company’s birth—and the driving force behind its success. “I wanted to have something,” Jones says, “to pass down to him.”

What is your mission?

The mission is to brand individuals—get them ready for their weddings or their job interviews, for their everyday work attire, for their special events.

Price range of your custom suits?

For my entry-level suit, you’re looking at $700. My highest-end suit is probably going to be about $2,200. Most of my clients spend around $1,000.

Clients we would know?

Ray Edwards—he played for the [Minnesota] Vikings. Clark Kellogg [former Ohio State basketball star who played for the Indiana Pacers and is now a broadcaster]. Scoonie Penn [former Ohio State basketball star].

Hobbies outside of fashion?

I play basketball a couple days a week. I salsa. I go to La Fogata on occasion, probably once or twice a month. I have a son, so I spend a lot of time with him.

Does little Gary love style, too?

He has to, right? I dress him. When he dresses up for church or something, he says he has “daddy’s shoes” on. That’s his thing—“I’m dressed like dad.”