Letter from the editor

For the Boys

From the July/August 2013 issue of Capital Style

She had dreams, too.

She didn’t want to sell her body for cash.

When her customers—the men who paid her for sex—would slide off their wedding bands and set them on the nightstand, she said, she often wondered about their wives. Their kids.

I sat in the courtroom and listened to this woman, a former prostitute, and cried.

I don’t know her whole story, but I don’t need to. What I know is, somewhere along life’s way, she got an unfair shake that I didn’t. A devastating shake.

It is so easy to judge, isn’t it?

But Paul Herbert decided not to. He decided to help.

So the Franklin County judge (ironic, right—a judge not judging?) started a court to get these women off the streets. And I’m telling you, this man is inspiring.

He’s one of the many noteworthy gentlemen featured in these pages—our first-ever men’s issue.

In the five years since Capital Style launched, we’ve had more and more men tell us they read it. So we decided to craft an issue in their honor. And we had a ball doing it.

Here are some bits from the journey:

Jack Hanna’s colleagues warned us that things would get crazy once we left our secluded prep room to take pictures of Jack and his wife at Polar Frontier. They were right. A giant team was working to help us score one perfect picture, from zookeepers trying to lure the polar bears into the water at just the right angle to others corralling penguins. And thanks to an astounding mass of zoo visitors that quickly gathered and had to be held back, we had only about five minutes to get the shot. Jack was unfazed, autographing away. Such a friendly guy.

The Ohio State men’s basketball locker room, where we photographed Sheila and Gene Smith, is spectacular. And everything is supersized, from high sinks to giant chairs.

Trey Burke is a freshly minted multimillionaire who hardly seems caught up in his hype. Nice young man. (Also, when he told me his favorite musicians’ names, I did not know how to spell a single one. Which makes me feel decidedly uncool.)

Brandon Dubinsky likes what he likes: He bought 100 of the same black V-neck T-shirt. And he’s Maverick every Halloween.

The property in here with 22 TVs? Yeah, I’m pretty sure my husband is moving in.

Of course, we hope the most interesting points of all are in the pages beyond this one. So enjoy. And let me know what you think.