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Brett Kaufman is a Dream Builder

Brett Kaufman is not selling real estate, he’s selling community.
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Following Tragedy, Dom Tiberi is Sharing Maria's Message

Longtime Columbus TV sports anchor Dom Tiberi lost his daughter Maria in a car crash last fall. Now, he’s crusading to stop distracted driving while wading through grief.

Columbus Athletes, Outside the Lines

Meet the men behind the pros.
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Meet the Pelotonia Riders

Meet three of the thousands of Pelotonia riders who are the soul of the event—and learn why they ride.
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Columbus' Only Lexus LFA

When your name is on the sign of an auto empire, expectations for what you drive are high. Rick Germain, president of Germain of Columbus, delivers.

In Good Spirits at Middle West

Brady Konya and Ryan Lang are garnering national praise for their craft distillery Middle West.
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