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Dynamic Duos: Our 2015 Power Players

Meet Lisa and Alan Hinson, Brady Konya and Kyle Boettcher, Doug and Monica Kridler, and Byron Stripling and Alexis Wilson—eight individuals shaping our city.
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Change Agents: 4 Central Ohioans Who Know Altruism is Good for Business

How four Central Ohioans are building their businesses while bettering the community—for good

Change Agents: Joe DeLoss, Nobul

When Joe DeLoss went to Nashville in late 2013, he became enamored with the food—particularly the fried chicken.

Change Agents: Ian Smith and Tony Capuano, Columbus Love

As the chief visionary of a business dedicated to social change, Ian Smith, 24, was accustomed to meeting people who wanted to help others.

Change Agents: John Rush, CleanTurn

While working on his graduate degree in urban studies, John Rush volunteered at a Chicago homeless shelter. It was there that he met individuals who wanted to make a new start but were hampered by their past.
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