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Meet the Artists Behind The Joseph, Columbus’ Hottest Art-Inspired Hotel

Ron and Ann Pizzuti have spent years building an internationally praised collection of contemporary art. Now, Ron and his son, Joel, have opened The Joseph—a hotel filled with works from around the world that also celebrates talent close to home.
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11 Little-Known Facts About Yvette McGee Brown, Plus Her Philosophy on Children

Yvette McGee Brown is an icon of Columbus, a hometown girl made good. Her life—both its successes and its challenges —has been well chronicled. Think you know everything about her, then? Well, think again.

Holding Court: The Fearless Yvette McGee Brown on the Courtroom, Family and Looking Ahead

The fearless spirit of Yvette McGee Brown led her to law school, the Franklin County Common Pleas Court and then, historically, to the Ohio Supreme Court. She’s a consummate leader, community influencer, wife, mom, friend. And she has a laugh you won’t forget. She shares with Capital Style her most memorable challenges, most significant achievements and what she has planned for life’s next chapter.

Letter from the Editor: Tis the Season to Enjoy Columbus

There are no excuses this summer: Enjoy every moment of the season, from start to finish, while using our May issue as your guide.

Major Flavor at Westerville’s Coppa Gelato

The Italian-inspired Westerville gelateria serves up seasonal favorites in time for summer

Video: Girls' Night Out at De-NOVO with Capital Style

Looking for a Downtown Columbus spot for you and your girlfriends? We chatted with De-NOVO to learn about fun drinks, food recommendations and why it’s a perfect ladies’ night spot.
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