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5 Fresh Faces: Columbus’ Next Generation

Meet five young creatives making their mark.
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Sally Kuzemchak Makes Nutrition Accessible to Real Moms

Sally Kuzemchak of Real Mom Nutrition talks food, family and fun—and shares three recipes for moms on the go

What's the Nia Technique? Teacher Janis Whipple Explains

Five minutes into a Nia Technique class, and it’s clear this is not your average fitness program. Janis Whipple, who leads the class, seems to be dancing one minute, practicing martial arts the next and then circling back through yoga postures, all the while moving to music.

Alchemy's Alexis Joseph Talks Healthy Sweets and What to Purge from Your Pantry

Alchemy Juice Bar & Cafe's on-site nutritionist on plant-based diets, indulging and ingredients to avoid

Letter from the Editor: Our January Issue Is Your Inspiration Handbook

Our goal: to give you an inspiring handbook of sorts to kick off the new year right.

Life Coaches Offer 3 Ways to Become A Better You

Three executive and life coaches share advice on overcoming obstacles and finding your happy.
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