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Q&A: What Makes Rachel Worley’s Vegan Nail Polish Vegan?

With an interest in ethical beauty products, Rachel Worley launches vegan nail polish brand James Robert John.
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The Blowout Bar Celebrates One Year with a Birthday Bash

The Blowout Bar is celebrating its first birthday on Thursday, Oct. 23, with a...

Introducing Alchemy Juice Bar and Its Dreamy Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe

A peek at the new Alchemy Juice Bar—plus the recipe for its Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
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The Makeover: Cindy Mansfield Feels “Like Cinderella”

Capital Style is teaming with local style experts to transform one deserving woman in each issue. Meet Cindy Mansfield, a grandmother of five and a breast cancer survivor who works at Komen Columbus.
The Makeover

‘I Am So Happy’

We teamed with local style experts to give Jody Bruck, a kindergarten teacher, breast cancer survivor and mother, a head-to-toe makeover.

Q&A: Jared Friesner of Cliff Original

Jared Friesner was frustrated when he couldn’t find men’s all-natural hair products. So he got to work on his own recipe.
The Makeover

‘This Was Fantastic’

We teamed with local style experts to give Katie Fischer, the local mom and president of Buckeye House Painting, a head-to-toe makeover
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Bronze Goddess Abby Bowman

The owner of Bliss Tans talks tools of the spray-tan trade

The Makeover: ‘It Was Such A Fun Day’

We teamed with local style experts to give Sarah Gafner, a local marketing professional, a head-to-toe makeover
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