CCAD Senior Designer Spotlight

By Taylor Starek
Photos by Will Shilling

One runway. Twenty-one seniors. Sixty-nine looks. The Columbus College of Art & Design Senior Fashion Show, which has become one of the hottest tickets in town, this year promises clothing that may be more wow-worthy than ever. Meet five impressive designers whose looks hit the catwalk May 9.

Bryston Walters, 28

You know the childhood fantasies you once loved? Well, what happened to those characters, those settings, when you stopped believing in them? That’s the idea behind Walters’ collection, which he calls “Deteriorating Fantasy.” “It’s about these worlds crumbling and deteriorating and falling apart,” Walters says. He realized the concept by creating individual “anti-fairytales” for each piece. Several of his garments are covered in the hand-beaded script of these stories (which took him around 50 hours per garment), and he’s incorporated whimsical accessories to keep with his theme. He also collaborated with local painter Michael Bush to create one of the collection’s signature pieces.

Personal style: I have the same T-shirt in 10 different colors. I just wear it. It doesn’t matter to me what I wear—it’s just about what I create.

Toughest challenge in creating this collection: Just the fitting of some of the garments. Some of them are constructed very precisely, and some of the fabrics that I was using were not supposed to be used for garments. I had some challenges with that.

Celebrity he’d like to see in his designs: Charlize Theron. I have a picture of her in my sketchbook.