The Fitness Gurus

Photos by Will Shilling

Endless energy, sexy bodies, perfect skin: How do they do it? Six Central Ohio fitness experts share their secrets.

The Coach

Wilder at Worthington Community Center in Worthington

Latisha Wilder, 39

Wilder was 10 when she slapped on her first pair of running shoes. Her dad, a little league football coach, would bring her to practice, where she’d do drills with the boys. And Wilder didn’t stop running, eventually throwing bodybuilding into the mix. She competed in five Figure Olympias and eight consecutive Arnold Classics, starting in 2005. “Eight Christmases in a row, no cookies,” she says.

But it paid off for the married woman, who lives in Dublin: She placed among the top five at The Arnold in both 2005 and 2007. Now, she coaches track and cross country at Upper Arlington High School and sculpts bodies as a part-time trainer at Metro Fitness in Dublin.

—Taylor Starek

Tips for Healthy Living:
  • Exercise. I know that sounds general, but move your body and do something every day.
  • Drink water. Hydration is super important. If you don’t, things aren’t going to function as they should.
  • Do your best to eliminate processed foods. It really does help.
  • Educate yourself by reading food labels. If you’re unsure of what you should be looking for, talk to a registered dietician and look at the big, simple things: fat, protein and sugar. Whatever’s the highest, that’s the category that food comes in.
  • Just because it’s labeled “diet” doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Look out for artificial sweeteners and sugars.

Go-to healthy meal: Egg whites, sometimes with oats or a slice of Ezekiel Bread

Inspiration for living well: “I know what it feels like to be super healthy, and I enjoy having a healthy body, so I want to maintain that quality of life. What helps to keep that in the forefront of my mind is seeing so many family members pass away at early ages because they were unhealthy. I want to enjoy the years that I’m on this earth.”

Tools of the trade: ASICS running shoes

Favorite workout: “For weight training, I love training my back. Having good posture keeps a youthful appearance to any man or woman. My favorite cardio is running.”

Pump-up song: “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke

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