July 18, 2014

Meet Men's Fashion Blogger: Chad Molique

To celebrate the release of our second annual Men's Issue, we asked a few local stylish guys to write a guest blog for us. Below, meet Chad Molique. 


Name: Chad Molique

Age: 26

Day job: Men’s Creative Stylist at EXPRESS

Instagram Username: @casuallytailored

How would you describe your style? I would have to describe my personal style as “Modern Casual.”  Don’t get me wrong… I love a great fitting suit or blazer, but I'm not afraid to put an unconventional pattern with what is known as the traditional staple in menswear. I like taking traditional styles and giving them a little twist. I can dress something up or dress something down—it just depends on how I'm feeling that day. 

Who do you look to for style inspiration? There is not one specific place where I would have to say I go to get my inspiration. I am very fortunate that my surroundings are always changing, and I can take inspiration from a walk down the street, surfing the web or even at the grocery store. I am always taking ideas in, whether it’s a photo here or jotting down a note over there... Maybe that’s why my iPhone says I don’t have enough storage in the cloud anymore. 

Favorite place to shop: Soho in New York City

Favorite labels: J Crew, Hugo Boss, Bonobos, Frank & Oak 

Biggest style splurge: Burberry blazer.

Favorite shoes: Cole Haan. The Nike sole is a lifesaver! 

Staple piece: Denim shirt… in every wash, of course.

Current trend you love: INDIGO EVERYTHING!

Current trend you hate: Baggy pants.

Favorite men’s style blog: I AM GALLA

Fashion advice: “If it doesn’t fit, don’t force it.” Nothing is worse than pulling together a killer outfit, only to find out that the shirt is too big and the pants are too long. Take your time, know your facts, and you will look sharp!

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