April 29, 2014

Jinny is on the Move


You may have noticed that Short North boutique Jinny is in a bit of a transition phase. 

The store, currently housed in a temporary location at 1177 N. High St., is moving to the space right between Oxygen Fitness and Camelot Cellars, creating a one-stop shop for quite the happy hour (Mukha followed by Jinny followed by Camelot Cellars, anyone?).

Jin Fillinger, Jinny’s owner, said not only had they outgrown the old space at 844 N. High St., but after eight years there, it was just time for a change.

“Once we’re there, I just feel like it’s going to be that next chapter to the story of the business,” she says. “It really is essential, and I know that our clients will be very pleased with the new space.”

The new store is set to open early-to-mid summer.

We sat down with Fillinger to discuss the changes coming to Jinny, including new décor, new lines and a new, fresh approach.

—Taylor Starek, @taylorstarek

On why she’s moving…

We had outgrown our previous space. It was getting very tight, so it’ll be nice to have a proper showroom floor for us and a really nice backspace to have an office and our team ambassador area. There just wasn’t enough space before to do everything… We actually found [the new] space last summer—it was the old barber shop and beauty supply store in between Camelot Cellars and Oxygen Fitness. We didn’t realize it was open, and we linked up with a local broker, and he let us know it was ready. We took a look in, and we knew it was the place. It’s a little bit bigger than what we had—we had 1,100 square feet, and we’re going to 1,500 square feet.

On the new store’s look…

It’ll be really lovely. It’s definitely going to feel more like a private salon, with a lot of custom furniture and fixtures. The coloring will be a cool and warm touch, very much like you would want a boutique to feel—just welcoming but very key to the merchandise mix we have here. I think our clients will really enjoy our new space. I have someone locally who’s making [the furniture and fixtures] now. It’s more of a reclaimed-wood feel. We’re going to be taking an old barn door and putting it toward the back to separate the back from the store. And we’re doing a custom reclaimed wood cash wrap and custom shelving with great spotlight light fixtures. The windows are lovely—they’re almost floor-to-ceiling, so they’ll be a really nice display for our mannequins. 

On new designers coming…

We’re going to be bringing in designers like Jason Wu. We’ll have a new designer from Paris called Roseanna. She’s kind of like Isabel Marant but in a more cultish, cooler way. We’ll also have a new line called Protagonist. It’s a new minimalist collection, and it’s launching next season, so we’ll be bringing that in. There’s also a really wonderful new denim brand called 6397 from Japan that we’re bringing in. We do have a collection now that’s just been so phenomenal—it’s called Mansur Gavriel, and it’s a handbag collection. It’s all vegetable-tanned Italian leather, and the prices are fantastic. They hover between $400 and $550. By the time we got the delivery, it was almost all presold. We only have two left, so we’re definitely excited to bring in more for next season to the new store. These two sisters out of New York just won a CFDA award—the brand is called Veronica Beard. They’re really known for their signature blazers, especially because they have these zip-off hoodies that you can interchange. You can play around with the linings. So that’s coming in as well for next season.

On what the temporary space offers…

It really is just the continuity but with a change in location. We’re basically conducting our entire spring season here. We’ve introduced several new designers here to the shop as well. One is Hellessy. It’s a former designer from Chanel, and she moved back to New York and helmed her own collection. It’s all minimalist separates. We also have a new handbag collection called Time’s Arrow from New York. Price hovering in the $350 to $750 range. They’re really understated elegance but very usable bags—not too precious, great for daily organization. Another designer that we introduced this season is Edun. It used to be a sustainable denim collection. It’s Ali Hewson’s collection. But they hired a designer from The Row, and they revamped the whole thing, and it’s a full ready-to-wear collection now. We also have, in terms of knits, a great collection called ATM tees. That launched in the pop-up. It’s from L.A., and its signature is all of the tees are a little bit longer in the body, and they all have baseball hems and are made of vintage cotton. 

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