April 10, 2014

Delivery for Two


When Shannon Bennett was pregnant with her daughter, she had plenty of suggestions from moms on what to buy and where to buy it.

So many so that she felt overwhelmed.

“I don’t think I tried any,” Bennett says.

So that gave her an idea—why not create a delivery service, in the same vein as Birchbox, for expectant moms to try products?

bumpBox, which Bennett co-owns with Jordan Hilsher, just sent out its first shipment in March. The Columbus-based subscription service includes an array of smaller-sized pregnancy products and goodies.

“I would’ve loved to have a subscription like this in my pregnancy,” Bennett says. “It’s a really good sampling of items for moms-to-be.”

Read on for a Q&A with Bennett on how the service works and a few of her favorite bumpBox items.

—Taylor Starek, @taylorstarek

How does bumpBox work?

We’re a monthly subscription box for expectant moms. We’re offering different types of ordering for moms so they can try out products or things that we’ve found during pregnancy that would’ve been nice to know were out there. We carefully handpick and design each box, and we have a brief questionnaire we ask each mom when she decides to subscribe, so we can get a bit of info from her. So each box is tailored toward her specific needs and wants. We’re brand new—we just had our first shipment out. 

What does a typical box include?

In this last shipment, we included pregnancy tees, we included a treat for the mom, we included a book. We partnered with a new book called It’s Really 10 Months, co-authored by three women. It’s full of hilarious pregnancy stories to give the mom a good laugh. We partnered with a cute printing press, and they created onesie sticker labels for throughout their first year. We included some stretchmark cream from a small boutique store we found. We’re starting with small businesses because we want to help them grow too.


For a one-month subscription, it’s $29.95 plus shipping. Our three-month is $29.95 including shipping. We’re potentially going to add a six-month in the $29 range also.

Any personal favorite items so far?

We have a pregnancy journal that we’re going to be including in the box in our next shipment. I loved that. I also am a big fan of the sweet treats. They’re from a little bakery in Marion, Ohio, called Sweet Surrender Cookie Co.

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