July 16, 2013

Meet Fashion Guest Blogger Shay-Jahen Merritte


In honor of our July/August 2013 men's issue, we invited some local fashionable guys to write a guest blog about their personal style. Interested? Email trogers@dispatch.com.

Shay-Jahen Merritte is the chief creative officer at Pursuit and blogs about his style and inspiration at merritte.tumblr.com.

My love of fashion started in high school, where every year I decide on a new outlandish theme and would wear it every day (one year it was Aloha shirts, the next it was only clothes that were purple and lime green). I looked a little ridiculous, but that love of standing out has informed my style to today, albeit in a more refined way. My senior year of high school I discovered Bravo's "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," which was a great introduction to dressing and acting a little more grown up, and "Project Runway," which inspired me with the endless possibilities of fashion!

My current style started developing while studying Communication Design at Washington University in St. Louis. After a few months of art school, I got a little bored of dressing in the cliche outlandish "art-y" dress of thrift store finds and was looking for a new style. "Mad Men" had just premiered, and I began learning more about my grandfather, who had become a tailor after surviving the Holocaust, so I decide to transition to more business dress for my day to day—but always with a colorful accent. I really like the symbolic seriousness and confidence a suit and tie gives, but I soften the look with lots of colors and patterns. Luckily, I met Nate DeMars while we were earning our MBAs at Ohio State, and now I get to share my passion and knowledge for menswear and "dressing nice" with people everyday as the chief creative officer of Pursuit.

All About Me
Shay-Jahen Merritte

Age: 26

Gig: Chief Creative Officer at Pursuit 

Personal style: Power clashing traditional

Style icon: The Duke of Windsor

Favorite designers: Tom Ford for classic tailoring, Tommy Nutter for the crazy tailoring 

Favorite three pieces in your closet right now: Blue cotton Tommy blazer, purple Gap chinos, Diamond Point bow ties

Go-to outfit: Dark wash jeans, green gingham shirt, purple bow tie, purple pocket square, gray blazer, checkered Vans, no socks

All-time favorite fashion splurge: Purple and lime green Adidas Samoas

All-time favorite fashion bargain: $5 fur coat

True style is… the visual component of the personal story you want to tell the world.

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