March 5, 2013

Meet the Fashion Bloggers: Molly Martin

blogger-molly-2Meet our Columbus fashion guest blogger Molly Martin, Abercrombie & Fitch stylist and blogger on Lovely + Rust

Hello, Capital Style readers!

My love of fashion started at a very young age.  Every year I looked forward to back-to-school shopping with my mom. I’d come home, try it all on, and have a “fashion show” of sorts for my sister and Dad.  I also grew up going to flea markets and antique stores, hence my love and appreciation for vintage.  I was always borrowing my Mom’s clothes and turquoise jewelry from the 70s.  If my style leans towards bohemian (it definitely does), this is why.

After high school, I went to Ohio University and created my own major combining different arts, then moved to Chicago -- where I spent five years.  Somewhere along the line I started assisting my friends in choosing outfits and shopping.  I loved it, and I realized I liked helping other people shop better than shopping for myself.  When I moved back to Ohio, I knew I wanted to take the opportunity for a career change -– to fashion.  For five and a half years I was the manager of Leal Boutique in Upper Arlington.  I left last spring and pursued styling; I had the wonderful opportunity to freelance for a number of corporate retail brands, and I am now a full-time stylist at the Abercrombie & Fitch home office. 

Along the way, I started a blog -- Lovely + Rust -- as a creative outlet and a place to share my fashion voice.  I have found the blogging community to be welcoming and full of inspirational women… much like the fashion community in Columbus!

All About Me

Molly Martin

Age: 34

Gig: Full-time stylist for Abercrombie& Fitch, part-time blogger at Lovely + Rust

Personal style: Comfortable, classic yet bohemian

Style icon: Currently... Kate Bosworth, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Emmanuelle Alt

Favorite designers: Isabel Marant, and then there are a bunch tied for a distant second

Favorite three pieces in your closet right now: Sam Edelman Petty boots, Zara oversized checked shirt, vintage blouses  

Go-to outfit: This time of year -- skinny jeans, ankle boots, oversized tee with an army jacket (or oversized silk blouse). In the summer -- a maxi skirt or maxi dress.  And always a long necklace and lots of bracelets.

All-time favorite fashion splurge: What I'm about to buy -- I need a new bag!   

All-time favorite fashion bargain:  A vintage sterling-and-turquoise watchband with a gold Bulova face (from Grandview Mercantile for $30). It's one of those things I always receive compliments on, and I love that it's one of a kind.

True style is... being true to yourself, and wearing what you love with confidence; knowing what works for you, and not just following trends. 


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